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Social support and non-formal education program for children (aged 7-17 years old)
„Be as good as you can“

St. Anthony’s Day Centre work with children, teenagers and youth from the families who experience social exclusion. Participants gather daily from Monday to Thursday during a school year, except for holidays and feast days. On Fridays, weekends, feasts and holidays we organize outings, excursions, retreats and other activities.

After the school Day Centre participants come to the parish house of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary parish (Vilnius street 2, Kretinga). About 25-30 children participate in the programme. A variety of workers and volunteers constantly work with them. Here children do their homework, make order, learn and gain household and housework skills. Children participate in arts, handiwork, drama, playing guitar, discussion, consultation and art therapy activities.

Yearly we organize camps for the children, outings to the films and theatres, retreat weekends, excursions and actions. Children for our Day Centre are recommended by various schools from Kretinga district, Social service centre, Child’s rights protection office and other communities.

Day Centre workers evaluate the possibilities, gather the necessary data, documents and permit participation in the activities.

Families whose children attend Day Centre receive support with food and clothing as well as they are being visited by the workers of the centre and receive consultations in the day centre.

The workers and volunteers working in the programme participate in various consultation seminars, teachings and retreats. Workers and volunteers in their work are being consulted by professional counsellors from cooperating organizations.

Projects and programmes run by us

Support with food and clothing
We give it to the people who need social support: having low income, homeless, long-term or short-term unemployed, having low income and many children families, etc.
Distributing collected handouts.

Project for the work with parents „Integration to the labour market of the families, experiencing social exclusion, whose children are attending Day Centre“

Joint activity project being carried out in five Day Centres of Lithuania is devoted for the parents whose children are attending day centre, for the training of the parents, for their consultations, requalification and their integration back to work.

Renovation and construction works of the building intended for multifunctional activities of St. Anthony’s Day Centre
Aim of the project. To create and adapt the building for the work of Day Centre with children and family, charitable hygiene centre and laundry, soup-kitchen and other support activity, community self-education centre.

Goals. Building renovation works; equipment of the building and installation of the communal lead-ins; preparation of the building for the implementations of the activities.

Project „A Big Friend for Each Child“

Program Big Brothers, Big Sisters
What is this? It is one of the oldest, most known and most effective programs in the world designed to help the children. It is unique in that its success is secured by steady friendship of a child and a volunteer, special preparation of the volunteer and professional supervision of the friendship of a child and the volunteer.

Mission. Mission of the program is spreading by a personal, voluntary help of a grown up to the child in Kretinga, Lithuania and in the whole world.

The essence of the project. Children need the presence of a person, who would listen to them, understand them, support them and would teach, how to behave in various life situations. In the project “A Big Friend for Each Child” such people become volunteers – Big Friends.

Project basis. Professionally supervised friendship of a grown up and a child aged from 7 to 14 years old, helping for the child to strengthen, to become more self-confident, to communicate to other friendly and to learn to take care of oneself and those around.

Participation in the project. The participants of the project are a Child (Small Friend), Parents/Foster-parents and Volunteer (Big Friend).

Rules and obligations. Friendship of a child and a volunteer proceeds according to the rules. Their friendship is professionally supervised and helped to be friends by the help of the project coordinators.

Course of the project. We are selecting volunteers and participants, there are being organized 8 seminar teachings for volunteers, according to the separate program; after that we start creating friendships, which are based on the agreement of the parents and a child and are confirmed by a contract according to the rules of the program.

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